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Mentored by activist and writer Parker J. Palmer, Dan Hines serves as a Courage & Renewal facilitator and leadership consultant for individuals and for business, educational, and religious organizations. As co-founder of the intentional community, RareBirds Housing Co-operative, he has a passion for exploring alternative living, innovative housing, and a more sustainable relationship to the land. Dan is an Anglican priest and ran for office in the 2017 BC election. He currently serves as the Forestry Spokesperson for the BC Green Party and as the Interior BC representative on the party’s Provincial Council.

Visit’s Dan’s website here: www.danhines.ca

Join Dan in June, 2018 at Hollyhock on Cortes, Island BC

The Activist as Mystic

A ‘Circle of Trust’ experience based on the work of Parker J. Palmer and the Center for Courage & Renewal. Join us for an exploration into our shared ‘blessed unrest’: an informed, mystical, active and loving resistance to the world as it is. In the heart of the mystic and the activist, our response arises from this restless longing for a better world.

Meditation and Yoga_Please Credit Darshan Alexander


  1. Dan, I have your icon on my Desktop and have been reading your blogs.
    I am doing as I once said to you; “I am sitting at your feet”.
    I have shared your ‘space’ with my eldest son (lawyer,businessman,actor,communicator, clergyman, town Counselor, author of 4 books and……) he is also my only Springboard.
    I would like to have coffee with you, if time allows. Thanks for your presence in cyper-space,
    Dan K+

    1. Hi Dan, I am so glad that you are finding some value in my offerings and that you have also shared these ponderings with you son (I loved his TED talk about the little pigs by the way)… Let’s get in touch via email and arrange a coffee soon- I would enjoy a chance to catch up. Peace, Dan

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