My daughter Ali at the moment of her arrest at the Kinder Morgan tank farm, protesting the Trans Mountain oil pipeline project. March 2018   photo credit: Jimmy Jeong What follows below is my letter to the editor published in the Kamloops This Week, March 27, 2018 *A YouTube video of Ali’s arrest was also provided to me […]

I’ve heard it said that one cannot see any borders between countries from Earth’s orbit. It is very true that the dark black lines I can see in my atlas, which divide up people into coloured nation states, are not visible from above. Yet, borders are still quite real. They may indeed be invisible from […]

I tend to think in visual images and poetic metaphors. Trust. I’ve been considering the source and nature of trust. In this learning, I’ve been attentive to what metaphors and images my imagination has revealed. Some new ways to communicate have emerged as I’ve been holding a set of questions in this exploration: What makes […]

Why did I decide to run for politics in BC… and why as a BC Green? The short answer is that if I was going to jump into work toward political change, I needed to land somewhere to offer what I can. And the Greens were stuck with me and I with them! I had […]

My article originally published: Kolbe Times Feb. 22, 2017 As I write this, my life is strangely on hold for three months. I can’t say I am comfortable with the feeling. It comes down to May 9, 2017: the day that the province elects a new government. In these past months, I have become […]

*One of my articles originally published by Communities magazine October 11, 2016 *RareBirds Housing Co-op, Kamloops, BC Canada (looking south) You need only claim the events of your life to make yourself yours. When you truly possess all you have been and done…you are fierce with reality. ―Florida Scott-Maxwell, The Measure of My Days […]

My dad died today. Early this morning, in the depth of sleep , dad’s body flipped a switch. My mom found him still warm to touch. The switch-flipping happened perhaps an hour before she found him. Seeing him, touching him, he gave the clear impression of a man at peace. I only know that I […]